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Treat your time like a leaky tap

Treat your time like a leaky tap

Welcome to Day 2 of Strategies for Sanity!

Yesterday we looked at how to evaluate how much your time is worth.  Did you figure it out?  Are you worth more than you originally thought?

It’s amazing how many women I meet who are still spending precious each hours each week on household chores.  Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not dissing anyone who chooses to do their own cleaning and ironing.  But have you ever thought how else you could be spending those hours if you can afford to pay someone to do it for you?  Could you start to work on that new business idea?  Could you eventually collect that college prospectus to see what courses are available?  Could you go for a workout at the gym, followed by a coffee with your girlfriend?  I never yet heard of anyone, who on their deathbed was heard proclaiming that they wished they had spent more time cleaning.

So on that note, on we go to Strategy for Sanity number 2.


Have you ever gotten to the end of the day and wondered where on earth the time went?  Have you ever proclaimed that you just didn’t have the time to get something done, but yet you couldn’t really say why you didn’t have the time or what else you had really accomplished?

I want you to start thinking of your time like precious, pure, spring water.  If you were stranded in the desert and water was scarce, would you allow it to be poured in the sand?  Or would you try to preserve every last drop for strength and hydration?  Like a leaky tap, our time has a habit of just dripping away down the plughole if we are not mindful of how we spend it.  What if you could place a bucket under the time drip to measure how much water you collected at the end of the day?  Would you prefer to be hydrating your body rather than pouring it down the drain?

Today’s strategy helps you to be more mindful of your time.  Often just being more aware of something gives us greater control over it, so we may choose to spend or use if differently.

For the rest of the day try to be bring your awareness as to how you are spending your time.  If you log onto Facebook, glance at the clock as you do to see how much time you’re really spending on there.  If you chat on the phone notice how long the conversation took.  How long does it take you to cook dinner?  Think of collecting your leaky time in a big bucket so you can see how much of it you wasted and how much of it you used productively.  How much will be in your bucket?

More tomorrow.  Enjoy your day!



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