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Do your jobs expand to fit the time available?

Do your jobs expand to fit the time available?

There is a saying that the job in hand will expand to fit the time available for it’s completion, and I very much subscribe to this theory.

On the days when my children get up extra early, say before 6am, rather than getting more done before 9am, often times I find myself behind in my morning routine.  Somehow the routine expands to fit the time, my sense of urgency decreases and I find myself rushing to be ready in the last thirty minutes.

Similarly if an employer decides that an employee needs to be there from 9am to 5pm, the employee will not want to be sitting idle, so will make the work expand to fit the time.

In my company, outside of subcontracted hours, I try to pay my staff for work done rather than hours worked.  I give them a list of things that are their job requirements, and as long as all the tasks are completed and the work is being done, I don’t mind if they knock off early.  In fact, I would encourage it.  Learning how to do more things more efficiently and in a shorter space of time is an asset in my opinion, and more valuable.

Where in your life do you struggle to get things done?  What are the things that seem to be the biggest drain on your time?

I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments.



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