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12 ways for a Mumpreneur to know if she is a leader

Lately I bought a book by Seth Godin called Tribes.  It’s an amazing book which encourages you to take up a leadership role in whatever you are passionate about, and find a tribe of people to lead.  So of course reading it has got me thinking about leadership in relation to mumpreneurs.

When I think of a leader, I ultimately think of a man.  I don’t know why but I seem to be programmed that way.  Probably because most of the biggest and well known leaders of our time have been men.

However, in my opinion the world might be in a better place if it were led by women.  We don’t have the same “might is right” mentality as men and prefer instead to sit around a table and talk about how we can reach mutually beneficial agreements.  Another of my mentors Nancy Salzman also claims that because we grow and give life, we perhaps better understand its value and are less likely to want to destroy it than the men.

However, while every woman has the potential to be a leader, most never take up the mantle. They are content to let others take the risk and do the work.  Do you aspire to be a leader?  Perhaps you are already the leader of your family and want to expand this lead further in to business?

A leader that I follow called Michael Hyatt claims that there are twelve ways to know if you are a leader:

  1. You long to make a difference.
  2. You’re discontent and dissatisfied with the status quo.
  3. You’re not waiting on a bigger staff or more resources to accomplish your vision.
  4. Your dreams are so big they seem impossible.
  5. You acknowledge what is but inevitably ask, “What could be?
  6. You realize that you don’t have to be in charge to have significant influence.
  7. You refuse to blame others for your circumstances and take responsibility for finding solutions.
  8. You foster unity by bringing people together and encouraging dialogue.
  9. You are quick to say, “I messed up. Here’s what I am going to do to fix the problem I created.”
  10. You value relationships more than tasks.
  11. You walk your talk—not perfectly but sincerely and intentionally.
  12. You are a learner. You read, listen to podcasts, attend conferences, and ask other leaders lots of questions.

If this sounds like you, congratulations. You are a leader—or well on your way to becoming one.

Leadership is not about experience, education, or talent. It’s about the choosing to lead. That’s where it begins.


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I am Kim: mum to the gorgeous Corey, Kai, Maya and Jack. I own and run multilingual children's company ( I am passionate about ethics and upholding humanitarian values through education. Above all, I am a people person. I love human to human marketing and am insatiably curious about what drives us to do what we do and be who we are. Thank you for reading my blog. You matter to me.

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