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Mompreneur Get Up And Go: Steps You Can Take Today To Start Your Business

I’ve just finished a book called Tribes by Seth Godin and it was amazing.  It is basically a book about leadership, about stepping outside of your comfort zone and doing something worthwhile.

In his book Seth says:

“Every leader I’ve ever met has made the choice, and they’ve been glad they did.  Are there thousands of reasons why you, of all people, aren’t the right one to lead?  Why you don’t have the resources or the authority or the genes or the momentum to lead?  Probably.  So what?  You still get to make the choice.”

What’s stopping you from taking the leap with your new business?  Why, up until now, have you chosen not to?  Or if you have taken the leap, what’s stopping you from going further?  Are you scared?  If so, of what?  What would it take for you to start?  What step could you take today?

Seth also says:

“Once you choose to lead, you’ll be under huge pressure to reconsider your choice, to compromise, to dumb it down, or to give up.  Of course you will.  That’s the world’s job: to get you to be quiet and follow.  The status quo is the status quo for a reason.  But once you choose to lead, you’ll also discover that it’s not so difficult.  That the options available to you seem really clear, and that yes, in fact, you can get from here to there.  Go.”

Don’t let fear or society stop you from living an extraordinary life.  You only get one shot at it.  

Don’t wait until your kids are older, or your husband is home more, or until after the summer, or you’ve lost that weight.  Start now.  Live your dreams.  Don’t wait until it’s too late.

Take these three steps today to move closer to what you want:

1. Brainstorm on paper, ideas for a new business or to move an existing one forward

2. Schedule one of these ideas into your diary each day for the next five days.

3. Review your progress this weekend.  Take what you learned and use it to plan next week.

Question:  Who are your leaders that inspire you?  Here is a link to a page of leaders, if you need a little inspiration.  


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