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Aspiring Mompreneurs: Questions To Ask Yourself To Tap Into Your Inner Entrepreneur

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When you think of a Mumpreneur, what images spring to mind?  Does your imagined entrepreneur run multiple companies?  Does she employ lots of people?  Does she lunch out every day?  Drive a sports car?  Wear Prada and carry Louis Vuitton?  Is she a ball-breaker?

Many of us are scared to call ourselves entrepreneurs because of the imagery it brings up.  We think of entrepreneurs as being highly driven individuals who are successful in their chosen field.  They seem so unreachable that to brand ourselves as one of them seems silly and laughable.

Yet the reality can be very different.

Most female entrepreneurs are leading very normal lives that are no different to yours and mine.  Many of them are financially successful, but not all.  Many are still working towards this, but refusing to give up until they get there.  They are diligent and inspirational.  People like to be around them.

That’s the funny thing about being an entrepreneur.  It’s more of a mindset than a milestone  Entrepreneurship in itself is not measurable.  Financial reward is measurable.  Company growth is measurable.  Your Return on Investment (ROI) is measurable.

Entrepreneurship is a decision.  

It’s deciding to harness those feelings of leadership and change, that desire to create something better, and taking the first step to achieving it.  It’s about being willing to step outside your comfort zone in the pursuit of a better life.  It’s about having a dream and being willing to risk failure in order to succeed.

An entrepreneur is someone who takes that excited feeling in their chest and uses it to motivate themselves to act.  

Are you an entrepreneur at heart?  Even if you haven’t yet taken the first step, do you have it inside you?  Maybe you haven’t even admitted it to yourself yet.  What would be the worst thing if you did?

Might you fail?  Yes, most certainly you might.  But you also might succeed…. and wouldn’t the failure be worth it for that?

Consider these five questions to tap into your inner entrepreneur:

1.  When you were a child, did you dream big?  Did you see yourself as successful, motivated or challenged?

2.  Do you love serving the needs of others?  Do you get excited to give them excellent service?

3.  If you got to the end of your life and you hadn’t worked for yourself or run your own business, would you be disappointed?

4.  Do you love being your own boss?  Do you prefer to lead than to follow?

5.  Do you have an idea for a business you’d love to own, that you feel passionate about?

Question: What would it take for you to harness your entrepreneur and go for it?  


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