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Something for the Weekend: Ten Top Tips for Life & Work

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Normally I’m a person who’s full of crap, I mean, has a lot to say for myself.  However, today has been very busy (as Friday’s always seem to be) and I wasn’t bursting with inspiration for today’s blog.  So I decided to impart some of life’s lessons that I have learned in my 33 years to help you to get your weekend off to a good start.

Here are some of the rules I live by:

1.  Love what you do.  Life is too short to spend it doing something that you hate.  If you can’t change it, choose to love it instead.  You can!

2.  Love your kids fiercely and unconditionally.  Kiss them and tell them you love them every single day.  Never underestimate how important this is for their future loving relationships.

3.  Try to be compassionate and gentle with all people.  Everyone is fighting some kids of personal battle.

4.  Remember – people who seem rude, curt or unfriendly are usually the ones who need you to be nice to them the most.  

5.  Try never to raise your voice or your hand to your children.  Remember how it felt when someone did that you to you.  It is as terrifying to them now as it was to you then.

6.  As your business grows and you take on staff, try to give up the control.  People work best when you give them the freedom to make mistakes without feeling like they are failing.  Assemble your tribe and let them find their strengths and conquer their weaknesses.

7.  Always welcome feedback, especially from those that work for you.  Feedback means that they care.  It means they are invested in your company.  Even if it sounds like criticism, take it on board and show them they are important enough to listen to and that their opinions matter.

8.  Always lead by example.  Be mindful of your employees and sympathetic to their struggles.  Treat them as individuals.

9.  Try to consistently over deliver to your customers.  Go the extra mile for them.  Send thank you cards and show appreciation for their business.  The short term cost will be worth the long term gain.

10.  Remember most importantly relationships are the singularly most important aspect of your existence.  Aim to make them meaningful and filled with love and appreciation.  Your experience of your self right now, in this very moment, is all that really matters.

Have a great weekend!  🙂

Big hugs to all of you (205 followers and growing!!!!)



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