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The Secret to Raising a Family and and a Business

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If you decide to live with someone, take the situation to heart and do not rush into it.  Once you are together, reflect on the responsibilities of married life.  Raising a family is a serious business.  Do everything in your power to make it a happy family, to meet everyone’s needs, to educate your children and ensure their future happiness. His Holiness the Dalai Lama

How much do you think about things before you embark on them?  A little?  A lot?  Or are you a bit like me and just rush into something head first without much planning, forethought or action?

Do you spend time each week thinking about the kind of person you want to be?  Do you reflect on whether you are meeting your parenting goals, or being a great wife?  Do you think about your responsibility to your husband, your kids and your customers?  Most of us don’t.

The funny thing about responsibility is that it exists whether we like it or not.

Just because we decide that some factor outside of ourselves is responsible for something that happened or didn’t happen, doesn’t mean that it’s true.  We have a responsibility in everything we do.  Recognising this responsibility, even when it feels bad, only serves to make us more powerful, not less.

I take my responsibility to my family very seriously.  Every day I look at my kids and I am overwhelmed with a sense of love and duty to give them the best possible childhood I can.  They didn’t ask to be born.  It was through my actions that they came to be on this earth, and I feel a dogged determination to do the best I can by them:  to cherish their little souls and to make their existence a happy one.

Sometimes it’s easy to forget why we decided to start our own businesses in the first place.  We spend so much time running around trying to be everything to everyone, that we end up failing in all areas and essentially sacrifice the mission for the mission.  What I mean is we’re so busy working trying to provide a better life for our family, that in the very process we end up making things worse for the very thing we were trying to improve.

The lesson in all of this?  Try not to be governed by material things for they truly do not bring long lasting happiness.  Why do you want a better life for your family?  Why do you want more money?  Most times it’s so that we can take things a little easier and find more time  to cherish our relationships.  

So don’t wait: cherish them now.  You can have both a successful business and a happy family. But you need to learn to slow down, do not rush into it and reflect on your responsibilities.

As HHDL says – Raising a family is a serious business.  Sometimes it’s good to get a little reminder.


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