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Business Success: How to Master the Fundamentals to be the Best in your Field

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 We live in a world where we are used to quick fixes and instant gratification.

We live life at high speed:  ready-made meals in microwaves, pre-packed vegetables, fast cars and high-speed broadband, mobile phones and computer games.  The world is there to entertain us, and we are ready to be entertained.

Fame and notoriety often comes from appearing on a reality TV show, rather than from working your way to the top and becoming famous because of your skill or achievements.  Companies can make millions overnight due to the internet and financial markets.

The value of hard work has been somewhat lost in a sea of the new and exciting.

The problem with the technologically advanced world in which we live, is that we sometimes try to skip the fundamentals, but still expect to yield high results.  We don’t want to hear that to lose weight we must commit to learning about what causes us to overeat, and embark on a six month long weight loss and exercise program.  Nooooo.  We want the crash diet that promises short term pain for short term gain.  We want to lose 14lbs in one week to look good in a bikini for one week, rather than think about why being overweight could actually be bad for our health and our bodies.

It’s the same in business.  We want our businesses to thrive and succeed immediately and are not prepared for the hard work required to make them grow.  I don’t think necessarily that we are not willing to do the hard work necessary.  More that we don’t know that it is necessary because the industrial revolution has afforded us the luxury of quick fixes and fast results.  In short, we’re not programmed to expect yield to come from persistent effort over time.

Whatever you are trying to accomplish; you can’t skip the fundamentals if you want to be the best.  It’s like trying to compose a piece of classical music without ever having learned the scales.  When you understand the building blocks of your business, your family or your life, you begin to see how the entire operation works  – how each piece precedes the next, and what must come before what, in order to succeed.

I’ve always tried to lead by example – not by voicing my opinions, but by acting them.  I try to motivate the people who work with me by working hard and being disciplined.  I never speak ill of a customer.  I treat everyone who works with me with respect and kindness.  You earn respect as a leader by being disciplined in your approach, and allowing your team the freedom to make mistakes and shine in their own right.

Take care of the fundamentals and success will take care of itself.

Question:  What are the fundamentals that you need to take care of to be successful?


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