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Practice Breathing to Keep you Calm and Focused – From Sunny Spain!

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I’m sorry this blog post is a little late today.  You see I left the house at 7am with the family, destined for Spain.  I imagined that I would have loads of time when I got here to write today’s blog, but I was mistaken of course. What was I thinking?

The day was filled with travel, fun and frolics.  We had an easy journey with the kids, followed by a day that just ebbed and flowed.  The kids played in the pool while my sister and I shopped and prepared dinner.  The baby settled well in his cot, and the kids settled happily to bed.  As I write this, I am sitting on the balcony of our villa, over looking the pool and golf course, sipping a cold glass of rose wine.  Could life actually be any better?

You see I almost let myself get stressed tonight – almost.  I had forgotten to make up the bed with sheets and suddenly bedtime was upon us, the kids were tired and the baby was asleep in the room where the sheets were.  As I rummaged around looking for them in the drawers, he woke up and started to give off .  The other kids were calling for me to come snuggle them, and were complaining about the sheets not being as soft as they are at home (imagine!!!).  I found my blood pressure start to rise.   Then I looked around, realised I was in sunny Spain where the air is warm, the wine cold and the pool only a steps away, and I decided not to stress.  I gave myself a mental shake, left Jack grumbling in his cot, tended to the kids, found the sheets, settled everyone in bed and located my laptop.

You see it’s easy to allow ourselves to get stressed when all of our children are giving off at the same time.  Our senses are being bombarded with noise and distraction and we can become overwhelmed.  Yet, when you physically restrain yourself, the rewards are great.  The kids calm down, the world continues to spin and you feel wonderful for having coped so beautifully.

The moral of the story?  The next time you feel stressed, take a moment and breathe.  Count to ten slowly, and concentrate on your in and out breaths.  Resist the temptation to lose your temper.  Think about how good it feels.

More tomorrow!

Love Kim


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