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  1. Hello! Not sure you remember me. I was an overzealous blogger who just started doing this-blogging last wk.? That probably will not narrow it down for you. My name is Katrina -my web site and screen name are anirtakms. Basically I’m a private artist who’s just beginning to go public. I’ve done marketing for companies before, for Their company but promoting myself, is brand new, The concern I have is about protecting my images. These range from images, I’ve done for design, layouts, pictures, paintings, etc. I’ve looked into Creative Commons for licensing options, and of course there are watermarks I can apply to imgs. Yet, I’ve never liked the look of them. This is a little later in life for me to be spray-painting my name on walls-but it’s an option!
    I would really appreciate any dialogue in regard to, protecting creative property, marketing, branding etc. By the way , I’m at WordPress now, but the my name is still available if I bought the domain?!
    I really hope to hear from you soon!


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