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Mompreneur Mentoring: Why First-Rate Coaching is Key To Business Success

I recently came across a website called Executive Training Companies which is an independent and impartial source of information on the best training companies that exist today, and I was pleased to see that the company that I use for my coaching, is on that list.  To quote from their site:

“We believe, today, executive success rests on a different kind of resource: executive training.”

There are some skills you can learn on your own, and some you can try to learn.  But if you intend to be the best you can possibly be in your chosen field, the the best thing you can do is arrange first-rate instruction.  I have been coached by Executive Success Programs for the past eight years, and can honestly say that they have been paramount to my success.  I don’t believe I could ever have gotten to where I am now, without the help of their programs.

The self-taught person is on a rocky path.  

Certainly there are people who have done it (American Inventor and Businessman, Edison for one, or American systems theorist, architect, engineer, author, designer, inventor, and futurist, Buckminster Fuller).  However, most have spent their lives re-inventing the wheel, then refusing to concede that it’s out of round.  Even those who will some day over-throw conventional ways of thinking or doing, need to know what it is they are overthrowing.

How do you choose a good mentor or teacher?

When choosing a teacher for your chosen field, choose wisely.  To see the teacher clearly, look at his or her students, for they are his representation.  Look for someone who interacts well:  do they teach through praise or punishment?  The best teachers usually strive to point out what the student is doing right, at least as much as what they are doing wrong.  They should encourage and support, but not be afraid to hold you accountable to what you say you want for yourself.

Most importantly, your mentor should uphold you, when you cannot uphold yourself.


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