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Mompreneur Finances: How Much Are You Losing By NOT Investing In Yourself?

What is opportunity cost?

If we consider that there is a cost to everything we choose, then what are you losing out on by doing the things that aren’t really of value?

If you’re not paying here, then where are you paying? 

Many Mompreneurs are scared by the fact that starting a business is expensive.  But have you ever considered how much are you paying by not investing in yourself or your business?  More often we lose more money by not investing, than we ever would if we just took the plunge.

So the question really becomes, where are you spending time spinning your wheels, when you could be shooting forward at 100mph on the right track?

We choose how we spend every moment of our time. We can choose to waste it or we can choose to use it productively.

In the end, it’s up to you.


About kimconstable

I am Kim: mum to the gorgeous Corey, Kai, Maya and Jack. I own and run multilingual children's company ( I am passionate about ethics and upholding humanitarian values through education. Above all, I am a people person. I love human to human marketing and am insatiably curious about what drives us to do what we do and be who we are. Thank you for reading my blog. You matter to me.

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