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Success Is Simple

“Long ago, I realized that success leaves clues, and that people who produce outstanding results do specific things to create those results. I believed that if I precisely duplicated the actions of others, I could reproduce the same quality of results that they had.”

Tony Robbins

Success really is simple.

We like to believe that it’s complicated and hard, because quite simply, most of us are not prepared to do the effort that it takes, to get the results we want.

Getting fit is not complicated: Make a commitment to eat less and exercise more (preferably four times per week).

Losing weight is not complicated, it’s simple mathematics:  Eat less calories that you burn off every day.

Finding more customers is not complicated: Meet with 100 new prospects and you will get at least 20 new customers.

Does it require effort to do all of these things?  You bet ya.  But how many times do you hear people say “I just wasn’t prepared to put in the effort”?  Not often I bet.

Perhaps if we were a bit more honest with ourselves about why we don’t want to put in the effort (i.e. what comfort are we choosing instead), and stopped blaming external circumstances, we might live in a more reality based world.

We might not be any more successful, but we’d feel less like a victim of circumstance.



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I am Kim: mum to the gorgeous Corey, Kai, Maya and Jack. I own and run multilingual children's company ( I am passionate about ethics and upholding humanitarian values through education. Above all, I am a people person. I love human to human marketing and am insatiably curious about what drives us to do what we do and be who we are. Thank you for reading my blog. You matter to me.

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  1. Thanks for the inspirational message. It reminds me of that old saying “You make your own luck.”

    – K.


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