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The Human Ego

When you give someone a photo album from school, the first thing they will do is look for their own picture.  It may seem like they’re interested in the other photos, but really what they are doing is waiting to see themselves.

So given that, it might be useful to ask yourself how often are you featuring the needs or wants of your customers where everyone, especially the customers themselves, can see them?

Never underestimate the power of the human ego.  Use it productively to delight your customers in a way that your competitors are not.



About kimconstable

I am Kim: mum to the gorgeous Corey, Kai, Maya and Jack. I own and run multilingual children's company ( I am passionate about ethics and upholding humanitarian values through education. Above all, I am a people person. I love human to human marketing and am insatiably curious about what drives us to do what we do and be who we are. Thank you for reading my blog. You matter to me.

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