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Fighting For Vs Fighting Against

As you all know, I’m a big fan of the marketeer Seth Godin.

In his blog this week he wrote:

When there’s a change in your tribe or your organization or your trusted circle, you face two choices:

You can fight with the person creating the change, push back against them and defend the status quo.

Or you can fight for the person, double down on the cause, the tribe and the relationship, and refocus your efforts on making things work even better than they did before the change.

They’re similar emotions and efforts, but they lead to very different outcomes.

This particular post has stuck with me all week, and I have been using his message when dealing with those in my close circles.

On a couple of occasions, I have felt myself wanting to judge someone for a choice they were making that directly affected me.  My urge was to cut the person off and show them where they were wrong.

But I did neither of these things.  

Instead I made a conscious effort to put myself in their shoes, and see the situation through their eyes: to fight for the person rather than against.  The shift in perspective was enormous.

Each time I did this, my interaction with the person was different.  I was able to make a more rational decision, which ultimately benefitted me, as well as the person involved.  I felt more centred, less reactive and more in control.  Ultimately, I felt less like a victim.

Next time you find yourself reacting to someone in your business or family, stop and think.  Make the decision to fight for them, rather than against them.  I predict that you’ll be astounded at the results.


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