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About Kim Constable

My name is Kim Constable and I am a mother of four young children, a wife and a business woman.

I started this blog because so many people asked me on a daily basis, how I managed to look after four kids, and start and run a company.  The truth is, I didn’t know.  It wasn’t something that I had ever thought about: I just did it.

However, I realised that I actually had a lot to give, and wouldn’t it be nice to share some of my strategies for sanity, with other moms who were considering doing the same thing.

So I made a commitment to blog every day for a year – 365 days. The objective behind my commitment was to learn by doing, and enjoy the process.

A bit about Me…

I own a multilingual children’s company  The Rainbow Garden

I coach entrepreneurs through Executive Success Programs

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Thank you for visiting my blog; you matter to me.


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  1. I like your aspirations and the way you are doing things and giving back to society . Mumpreneurs are really great creatures indeed !

  2. Hi Kim, I love your blog, I’ve read a few of your articles and you talk a lot of sense!

    I make money selling on eBay, and have recently written a guide to help others to start an online business – it’s much easier than you think! You can find out more at

    I think your readers would be really interested in this practical, step-by-step guide, and I would love to share it with them. How about I send you a copy to review, and offer another copy for one of your readers to win in a competition?

    Feel free to get in touch and tell me your thoughts.


    • Hannah, I am so sorry! I was on holiday when your lovely comment came through, and I completely missed replying to it. Huge apologies for being so rude. I would love you to send me a copy of your book to review. Please send it to Thank you so much! x


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