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Visualisation With Intent

The famous golfer Jack Nicklaus apparently never hit a shot without first clearly visualising where the ball would go, which was usually “sitting up there high and white and pretty on the green.”

He was famed for claiming that a successful shot was 50% visualisation, 40% setup and only 10% swing.

Arnold Swarzenneger was adamant that pumping a weight one time with full consciousness was worth ten without mental awareness.

So what is really real then?

Actually the answer to this question is unimportant.  What is important is that thought, images and feelings have a greater influence on the world than we would like to believe.

Your intention for something; your image in your mind of how it should be, will be the single most powerful tool in helping you create it.

What kind of parent do you want to be?  

What kind of life do you want to have?

What way would you treat your customers?

How would you handle product returns?

Couple powerful intent with persistent practice, and the world is your oyster.


Me Or You?

I have been in sales my whole life.

In fact, you are also in sales whether you like it or not.  Every time we tell someone about something we love, and encourage them to try that thing too, we are selling to them.

I have always had the “Gift of the Gab” meaning that I could talk a good story, and am never short of conversation.  However, until recently I was never really concerned with the ethics of selling something to someone.  I prided myself on being able to sell ice to Eskimos, without ever actually questioning whether the Eskimos actually needed new ice.

I mean, what pride is there to be gained from selling someone something that they don’t particularly need or want?

So ask yourself, are you truly concerned with the benefits your product or service will bring to your customers?  How it will change their lives?

If your main concern is making money then your primary focus is not serving the needs of others.

Give abundantly, and you will receive abundantly.  Make their needs more important than yours.

Help and Serve

“Nothing liberates our greatness like the desire to help and the desire to serve.”  Marianne Williamson

How many of your customers/friends/colleagues have you mindfully helped or served today?

Pick up the phone, offer to help, do something nice or unexpectedly helpful.

Liberate your greatness.

Does Your Business Lead?

In growing and sustaining a profitable business, it seems that the things people struggle with the most are:

Finding new customers

Increasing company turnover

Increasing company profits

Yet, customers, turnover and profit are all the results of something else in your business: Leads

One of the fundamental problems most businesses face is the generation of new leads.  Yet, the amount of leads you gather on a daily basis, is in direct proportion to your business success.

One of the most powerful lead generation strategies?  Your own customers.  

People know people like them.  And if they like your business, they probably know someone else who will like it too.  And if you work hard to delight your customers, chances are they will more than happy to pass that delight onto someone else.

Concentrate on generating more leads for your business, and you will enjoy a constant stream of new customers coming in through your door.

The Human Ego

When you give someone a photo album from school, the first thing they will do is look for their own picture.  It may seem like they’re interested in the other photos, but really what they are doing is waiting to see themselves.

So given that, it might be useful to ask yourself how often are you featuring the needs or wants of your customers where everyone, especially the customers themselves, can see them?

Never underestimate the power of the human ego.  Use it productively to delight your customers in a way that your competitors are not.


Can I Have My Money Back Please?

Last week I ordered a pizza from Little Wing Pizzeria, near my home.

They have something that I wrote about yesterday – something special worth talking about, that has contributed towards their success as a pizzeria.  They boast BELFAST’S BIGGEST PIZZA.

This monster pizza measures 24 inches in diameter, and feeds my whole family in one pizza.  It is also extremely good value.

That aside, they also do something else exceptional – customer service.

Last week when our pizza arrived, it was dry and overcooked.  This has never happened before as usually the quality of their food is great.  So I called them to complain and they said to bring it back immediately and they would make a new one.

When I arrived with the pizza not only did they have my new one steaming hot and ready to be collected, but they gave me a full refund.

What did I do?  Left happy and told all my friends how amazing Little Wing Pizzeria are.

The moral of this story?

Everyone has a bad day, when a mistake has happened and a loss has occurred.  But your customers will not judge you on your mistake if you handle it correctly.  Exceed their expectations and give them something positive to talk about.

You can measure the financial loss of a full refund, but you could never measure the loss of goodwill that they would spread, if you do not meet their expectations and give them the service that they deserve if they are to part with their hard earned cash.

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