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Children And Chores: How To Create Young Entrepreneurs

In my house my children (from age three up) are responsible for making their own beds, putting their clothes in the laundry basket, folding and tidying their pyjamas and tidying the bathroom after bathing.

They are also responsible for emptying the dishwasher, laying and clearing the table for dinner, vacuuming a room each and helping with the laundry.

The key here is to sit down and talk over the responsibilities with them, gaining their agreement to perform the tasks.  No one likes to feel like they are being coerced or that they don’t have a choice.  Gaining their consent first, means that you can hold them accountable when they don’t want to uphold their commitment.

You can also use the chores as a way for them to earn something they want.  In our house the children have to earn their television and computer time.  The amount of chores or piano practice they do directly correlates to the amount of time they get to watch or play these things.

If they choose not to do the chores, then the natural consequence is real for them.

We don’t particularly want them to watch television, and they only are allowed about two hours per week maximum.  So having them earn it in this way really helps them to understand the privilege of living and how not to take things for granted.

Were you responsible for household chores as a child?  Would love to hear your views.


Money Matters: Why Setting Goals is Paramount to Having More Money

Do you struggle with money?

Money affects every part of our life and can make an enviable lifestyle, or make us lie awake at night with worry.

How much we can pay for our kids education, affects their chances in life.

Money dictates what car we drive, house we life in and clothes we wear.

But money is not an end, it is only a means to an end.  If you always have too much month at the end of your money, it might not be because you don’t have enough money, but that you don’t have a big enough goal to save for.

If you have something great to look forward to, you’re less likely to spend your hard-earned money on small temptations.  Like saying no to the chocolate cookie today (even though you really want to eat it), to achieve your bigger goal of fitting into your wedding dress.

In that moment, the dress is more important than the good feeling derived from the cookie.

When you are more excited about achieving your goals than worried about losing what you have, the sacrifice seems small.

The Secret of Love is…

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For the next five days I am in the South of France with Ryan, attending the wedding celebrations of a very dear friend.  We have left the kids at home with Ryan’s parents, and are enjoying a few days of spending time reconnecting with other, and with our friends.

Sometimes we spend so much time running around, keeping all the balls in the air, that it’s nice just to spend a little time relaxing, and remembering why you were together in the first place:  before we had children.

So, in the spirit of the occasion, I have decided to share a seed of thought each day, from one of my favourite books Secrets of Love by J Donald Walters. 

These seeds remind me what life is all about for me:  love, connection and relationships.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

“Holding realistic expectations of one another.  For imperfection is inherent in humanity.  Concentrate on qualities that have drawn you both together, not on others that might keep you apart.”

Am Mompreneur, Will Travel

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Tomorrow we are heading off to France for the wedding of one of my most dearest friends.  She is an amazing person who has inspired and touched my life and I am honoured to be a guest at her celebrations.

She was with me the day I got married, and wrote me the most amazing and touching letter, paying tribute to me and thanking me for being her friend.

I be you have someone truly special like that in your life.  Someone who even if you haven’t spoken to them for an age, will be right at the end of the phone when you need them.  Someone like a sister, or a brother.

I found this quote today that reminded me of my friend, and with your permission, I’d like to share it with you:

She is laughter, even on the cloudy days of life; nothing bothers her or saddens her… She is the side of me that God left out.  Her funny stories… her ability to interest herself in a hundred and one people… her talent for quick and warm friendships, her philosophy of silver linings…

Lillian Gish (1892 – 1993)

Family: Our Most Important Asset and My Reason For Living

It’s 10.30pm here in Spain and I can’t for the life of me think what to post in my blog today.  I’ve had the most amazing vacation in which my mom decided to fly out and join us on Saturday, for the weekend, and she is still here!  It’s been amazing sharing this time with her as she’s been such a help with the kids and looking after the villa.

So rather than write today, I decided to share some photos of my family with you.  I hope you enjoy them!

Love Kim

Me chillin’ out in the pool boat

My beautiful sister Kerry

Beautiful Baby Jack

Ryan with Corey and Kai, Mum with Jack

Mischief Maya

Water sports with dad

My gorgeous Brother in Law Andrew

My niece Amy, AKA Mary Poppins

The beautiful Harry, my nephew

Mama Kim

Our little “accident” who we all adore


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