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The Daily Diary

It astounds me how many busy mums I meet don’t have an appointment diary.

If you are to fully embrace all that I am teaching here, then you need to purchase a diary today and start to use it immediately.

I prefer a page per day diary, as it gives me room to write all my notes and actionable activities.  I use my diary for everything.  I use spare pages to write notes from meetings, record my weekly wages, work out my finances and doodle my thoughts.  If I have all my information in one place, then a short search will find it easily and quickly.

I also use my iCal on my iPhone and MacBook to remind me of appointments and events (and to back up my physical diary).

But the diary is where the main To-Do list gets kept and it is the thing that drives my productivity forward.  It doesn’t need to be fancy, flowery or all singing and dancing (although if you were so inclined you could cover it with some pretty paper like you used to do with your school books as a child).

I cannot stress enough the importance of a physical diary. To be honest, I don’t really give a damn what you do with it.   But if you want to be organised, productive and have half a chance in hell of achieving some long term goals, then you need to just get one.

Today preferably.




Secrets To Successfully Working From Home

Secrets To Successfully Working From Home

Up until a year ago I was a SAHM (stay at home mum), when I decided to start my own business. 

Luckily for me, the business I started was a multilingual kids company, so it meant that I had people to care for my children at home, while I had time to work.

But there are a few things you need to know before embarking on work from home:

You DO need to be disciplined and organised with your time.

You do need to have a schedule to work to, and you do need to commit to turning off the computer, sewing machine or whatever at 5pm so that you can concentrate fully on your family.

Personally, I haven’t found that full time child care is always necessary either.  It’s amazing what you can achieve in a short space of time when it’s all you’ve got!  I started my company only having childcare between 9am-12pm and I worked very hard in those times.  I managed to grow the company to the extent that I can now afford full time care, but yet I get to see my kids every lunchtime and still have time to cook dinner each night.

Guilty Pleasures

However, I think the thing that we women struggle most with is the guilt.  When our baby is born, we suddenly feel an immense responsibility to do the best by this perfect little being which means that often times we struggle with knowing just what is the best thing to do in each situation.

For me it was a matter of giving up control.

I felt that it would be good for them if I went back to work, yet I was hesitant to leave them in the care of someone else.  It was like I believed that if they were going to be messed up, then I wanted the responsibility for that too.  I felt so much pressure to to the “right” thing, that I found it hard to make a decision, for fear of making the wrong one.

Good parent Bad parent

Parenting is tough.  The responsibility for we have for the young lives we care for is a blessing, but it is a tough blessing that is riddled with indecision and doubt.

I think we need to go easy on ourselves and admit that we don’t always know the answer, or the right thing to do.  As long as we love and care for our kids, to the very best of our ability, we can’t go too far wrong.


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