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The Three D’s

I have very nearly finished my new book on time management systems for the modern mum (available on Kindle).

I have been sharing snippets of the book in my blog over the past week, and wanted to share another one today.  I am giving my book away free on my new blog site, which will be live from Monday.  In fact, you can get a sneak preview here.

I love reading and responding to all your questions and comments, both on the blog and by email.  I read all my own mail so please keep them coming.  You can email me at

This excerpt comes from the chapter Do it, Dump it, Delegate it (which I hope is pretty self explanatory)

An invitation arrived in the post recently for my husband and I to attend an awards ceremony.  I put the invitation in my top in-tray to discuss with him that evening.

After we had agreed that we would attend, I immediately did the following:

  • Checked my online calendar to make sure it didn’t clash with anything else
  • RSVP’d to the invitation, addressed and stamped the envelope and put it in my bag to post the next day.
  • Marked the date of the event in my diary
  • Texted the babysitter to check to see if she was free on that date
  • Wrote a note in my diary for two days later to check back with her if she hadn’t replied
  • Wrote a note in my dairy for the next day to make a hair appointment for the day of the event
  • Emailed my husband a reminder that I needed him to take care of the kids whilst I was at my appointment
  • Threw the invitation in the bin

I realise that this might all seem a little OCD and extreme.  But after I had done these actions I didn’t have to think about it anymore.  Everything that needed to be done to prepare was taken care of, and it didn’t have to occupy space in my head.

The peace of mind you get from a system like this is incredible.

Your life runs smoothly and you create more time for the most important parts… experiencing joy and being happy.




Your Life: A Sparkly String Of Fairy Lights?

Have you ever noticed how as we get older, time seems to go faster?  

I was speaking to someone last night on the phone that I haven’t seen for almost a year.  When she asked me what I had been up to, I honestly couldn’t answer her.  Events have seemed to merge into each other.

The problem is that when we are kids, time seems to go pretty slowly.

So when something happens that is slightly out of routine, it seems exciting and memorable because most of what they do and experience is new to them.

As we grow up, time is punctuated by exciting adult events:  graduating high school, your first job, getting engaged, getting married, your first child…  But then we have kids, settle down and life becomes routine.  The special times do not occur as frequently.

A few years ago I made a commitment to myself that I would treat every occasion in my life, as a special one.

I would wear my best dress on an insignificant day or drink champagne with family because being with them was the occasion.  I thought about things I could do to create my own family memories.

I asked my kids what we could do as a family this year, to make the year stand out.  A beach holiday?  A outing to a funfair?  A big family barbecue with a bouncy castle?

Start spicing up your life with exciting events.  Involve your kids, and create lasting memories.

Make your life look like a sparkly string of fairy lights.

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